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I am a qualified reflexologist based in Potters Bar. I specialise in fertility, pregnancy, labour reflexology and spinal reflexology. I have more experience and knowledge in this type of therapy, aiming to make my clients feel better after a session.

I respect my clients individual needs and always put them first. I myself had problems conceiving, I also tried reflexology and after a few sessions fell pregnant

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet or the hands. Reflexology is generally relaxing and may help alleviate stress. The theory behind reflexology is that areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body.

Reflexology may help with conditions such as:

• Allergies
• Arthiritis
• Anxiety
• Asthma
• Back problems
• Blood pressure
• Bowel disorders
• Constipation
• Depression
• Eczema
• Frozen shoulder / stiff neck
• Gynaecological disorders
• Hay fever
• Fibromyalgia symptoms
• Insomnia
• Knee problems / hip problems
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Muscle tension
• Neck problems
• PMS / hormonal problems
• Respiratory problems
• Sinusitis
• Stress disorders
• Thyroid disorders
• Sciatica / back pains
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Client testimonials



I lost my first born child at nine months due to still birth. I was feeling very depressed and low, my cousin recommended Mrs. Maroo to me and i tried a few sessions of Reflexology and after 6 months fell pregnant. My pregnancy was very healthy and my baby boy was also born healthy. I have been having regular reflexology sessions, and it has been helping me with general health.  


I had reflexology with Mrs. Maroo when i trying for my first pregnancy, after a few sessions i fell pregnant, since then i have been having regular reflexology treatments and now i have two more kids. I love reflexology and find it very relaxing.  Would definetely recommend reflexology for infertility and general health.



I suffer from IBS and colitis, after a few sessions with Mrs. Maroo I started feeling better and now have reflexology once a month.


I came to see Mrs. Maroo for migraines and insomnia, I had a few session of her indian head massage and I felt a lot better. I sleep very well now.


I had really bad back pain and in my arms, reflexology has really helped me. My pains have now gone and I can use my hands without any complaints.


I suffer from MS, regular sessions of reflexology has helped me so much. I feel so much better after my sessions and I sleep much better.


I recommend reflexology to anyone suffering from stress and anxiety, it has helped me a lot


I came to see Mrs Maroo for reflexology, after two sessions I went in labour. I recommend reflexology for everyone.
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Fertility Reflexology gives you the space for calm and relaxation so you can let go of any physical or emotional stress. Conceiving is a complicated science and it is key to be in balance mentally and physically in order to be successful.

Having regular treatments could aid relaxation and result in a reduction in your anxiety, help your sleep patterns and will therefore move you towards the optimum condition for conception.  After Reflexology clients often find a change in their cycles which could help to create the right space for ovulation and conception to occur.

Reflexology is suitable at all stages of a monthly cycle and during early pregnancy