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Reflexology is very safe and non-invasive form of treatment.

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Fertility reflexology

Fertility reflexology helps with conditions like

• Imbalanced hormones • Stress & anxiety • PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) • Morning sickness • Lower back pain • Pelvic pain • Heartburn • Odema • Blood pressure • Insomnia • Pre-labour (induce labour in a safe and relaxing way) • Post labour endometriosis • Hormonal disorders

I can also help men with:

• Prostate issues • Low hormonal • Male menopause symptoms

Pregnancy reflexology

Pregnancy reflexology can help during all three trimesters with

• Morning sickness • Pelvic pain • Swelling • Heartburn • Tiredness • Back pain • Sciatica • Headaches • Migraines • Constipation • Cramps • Insomnia

Regular treatments can also encourage quicker and less painful labour.

What are the benefits of reflexology?

Reflexology can help you in many ways, thse include:

• Improve ciculation
• Decrease stress
• Regulate sleeping pattern
• Boost the immune system
• Help general well-being
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